Professional International Voice
Business and Products

I could be the voice you are looking for. International sounding with decades of experience in voicing for business, government and charity. With experience in all forms of media. Please have a listen.

All Media

Television and radio
Advertising Agencies
International airlines
Corporate branding
Character Voices

Projecting Voice

It’s not up to the audience to try and hear the presenter. It is the responsibility of every presenter and emcee to ensure they can be heard – understand microphone distance.

Know your Microphone

We all have different voices and levels. One glove does not fit everyone. Don’t get too close to the microphone if you are raising your voice. And closer if you are lowering your voice.

Close for Comfort

It is responsibility of the interviewer to ensure a quality interview. Test audio levels and microphone distance before you record – don’t worry about the technician’s feelings.

Voice Training

As well as performing I also teach voice and have in many different countries. The key to having a good voice is to learn and practice, there are no short cuts.

Interview Training

There is an art to working both sides of the microphone. What to ask and what to reply. How you ask and how you reply is equally important.

Presenter Training

Newsreaders and on-air journalists from 5 Plus Television in Myanmar at the competition of their six weeks training. We never stop learning.

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