This website is part of my journey. Here I hope to share some of the adventures I have had and to offer those wanting to get in to voice and presentation a few ideas on how I got into the industry and the countries I have worked.

There are a swag of people who opened doors for me. But I learned that once the door is open you have to give them your very best shot. Nobody hangs on to anyone just because they know someone. Unless they are family of course. And that is another story of what to do with a family member who doesn’t perform.

In life we are expected to know what to do but not often are we taught how to do it. Be positive. Don’t be negative. Believe in yourself. That is a life long challenge. If just a single sentence could change our direction we’d all be there. But it is a journey of life. Stick with the strength.

This site is more about presentation and voice and I will keep it that way. I have another site about my fiction writing. Beware my books are very black, dark and absurd! I hope to keep adding to this site as there are so many stories over the past forty years that make interesting reading. Thanks. Patrick.


If you have any questions or just want to say hello, please don’t hesitate to make contact. Since having to leave Myanmar because of the military coup I am spending my time writing fiction.