How to create a Script

Go back to the basics – whether it is a documentary, film, advertising, or company profile. Who, what, where, why and how. Ask questions to build a story. A communications brief can also help. This should be done long before any words are written. 

A Communication Brief?

Communications Objective – Main idea you want to convey.
Target Audience – Who are you trying to reach?
Action required – What do you want the target to do after seeing/hearing your communication?
USP/Benefit – What is the main benefit for the target?
Support – Other support the key benefit.
Mandatories – What must be included.
Timing – Deadlines.
Sign Off – Everyone should agree before the script is voiced. Unless you have a good budget and see this as a work in progress.

How many Words per Minute?

Fast Read – 240 words per minute
Average Read – 180 words per minute
Slower Read – 60 words per minute

Translations to English

If English is your second language you may have translated your script and now have a back translation – your objective is to get the script polished and flowing before it goes to the studio. But don’t just ask any native English speaker to fix it though. You need to tread carefully as most native English speakers are not copywriters. Be careful of hiring just anyone to perfect your script.

Confusing Scripts

Often a translated script will have long sentences. Sometimes no full stops. And many times confusing and unpopular English words. The translator may be using an ancient dictionary full of extinct words. Yes, they may be using the right word but if nobody understands what it means then the communication has failed. Best to keep it simple. It is also good practice to read the script out loud. Then you can get the feel if it is working or not.

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