Author Tony Park. Tony grew up in the western suburbs of Sydney. He has worked as a newspaper reporter in Australia and England, a government press secretary, a public relations consultant, and a freelance writer. He is also a major in the Australian Army Reserve and served six months in Afghanistan in 2002 as the public affairs officer for the Australian ground forces. He and his wife, Nicola, divide their time between their home in Sydney, and southern Africa, where they own a tent and a Series III Land Rover.

Embalmer. Jan started her career in her early 20’s as a embalmer in Adelaide and now lives in Colo Vale, south of Sydney. Today she is the Director, Australasia & Pacific Rim of Blake Emergency Services. She talks about preparing bodies for burial and her career which includes travelling throughout the world to assist in crisis situations. She has worked in the aftermath of plane crashes, tsunami’s and war.

Author Fiona Archer shares part of her journey as a writer of raunchy books.  Fiona has written five books with another fast approaching. 

Horse Whisperer – Sandra Ragazzi
A fascinating journey with Sandra and her horses.  Sandra is from the Macarthur area west of Sydney.

David’s Gambling Addiction
David from Australia is interviewed about his gambling addiction. And the importance of Gambler’s Anonymous to his life.

Roxana Pourali and her daughter Mon from Roxana Pourali Celebrity Beauty Therapists.  This is the wonderful story of a mum who fled Iran with her two children and lived in India before coming to Australia as refugees.  Roxana built her business from passion and love – her daughter Mon had a dream to attract celebrities. That dream came true. Many snub their noses at Campbelltown but Mon knew if they had a good product people would come. They did. Now with work in Fashion Week and producing their own products in the US they have put the town and themselves on the map.  Their clientele are top names in television, music and fashion.  

Educator. Greg Whitby is Executive Director of Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Parramatta. And he was recently named “Australia’s Smartest Educator”. It was a breath of fresh air having him in the studio. And it is great to meet a creative thinker.

Dr. Sandra Cabot – For nearly forty years Dr Sandra Cabot has been advocating holistic health. She is a life saver for many of her patients. She tells it as it is. Her Liver Cleansing Diet book sold over 2 million copies and has been translated into 11 languages.  One doctor called her a “witch” – something she laughs about. In this interview she talks about health – and how we can attain it. She doesn’t speak highly of sugar.

Vegemite Boy. Kevin Shepherd appeared in the vegemite commercial in 1959. This TV commercial still plays on-air today.

OCD – Julie Leitch suffered from OCD for 18+ years. Her Doctor and Psychiatrist did not pick it up even after her telling them about her obsessive behaviors. A fascinating interview about something we just starting to learn about. A big thank you to Julie for being so brave and sharing this.

Leanne’s Gambling Addiction. Leanne talks openly and honestly about her gambling addiction. A single Mum, five children, addiction, theft, court, mortgage payments, bankruptcy. It’s a peek into the world of gambling and the destruction it leaves behind – she also talks about on-line gambling.

Margaret Russell – Singing Coach to the Stars. Margaret is 78 years old and has been teaching singing in Campbelltown for decades. She is from the old school of entertainers and performed in Melbourne and Sydney. She worked in musical theatre and loves comedy.  In this interview we hear an old recording of Margaret singing under the baton of the late Hector Crawford (Crawford Productions).  She taught Kate Ritchie and Danielle Everett as well as countless others who now have wonderful careers. She is a much loved member of the acting community.  Her wisdom and humour makes this interview very special.  Our photo show Margaret with student Simon Cabello and stage director Byron Philips on the wings.

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